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With the movie due for release soon, and I have still yet to read this series, I better get on with it. Excited to see what Tom Holland does with the role.

Keep going…

Keep on swimming…

Keep on keeping on.




I was so excited to add this to my Redgate collection – I absolutely adored her other titles. ‘Seven Ways We Lie’ uses the themes of the seven deadly sins for each of the main cast… only this one felt a bit scattered and took me a long time to get into. Still some great writing. Review to come soon…

But the cover is on pointe!


#BQ The Inside of Out by Casey Carlisle.jpg

I’ve been very social of late, getting out and about and it still amazes me of how other people behave – while society is evolving, there is still discrimination, even if it is with small microaggressions. No wonder minorities seek out safe places.

Think before you speak. Keep the world a safe place for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality, beliefs…

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This quote from ‘The Inside of Out’ covers so much in a social context. Just love it.



It’s been a minute since I’ve indulged in some sappy YA contemporary romance. Kasie West is always a good read, though some of her titles recently haven’t been as well rated by me… lets see how these two latest releases stack up. Time for a icy homemade lemonade, a banana lounge in the sun, and cuddle from my furbaby