Waiting… and then all at once.

This seems to be the mantra for the end of 2014.

 Waiting and then all at once by Casey Carlisle


Here’s a little update, rather than my usual article or review:


I’ve been pushing to finish writing my latest novel, and after a few sputtering attempts (life kept getting in the way) I completed the final sprint wrapping up the last four chapters. (Cue the popping of champagne and throwing of streamers.)


So too has the moving house scenario played out in similar fashion, with many pauses in the process due to red tape, I was beginning to get despondent, that I would never get to unpack my office and jump back into writing full force. But the last fortnight turned everything on its head. Thankfully. Now life is moving at lightning speed.


It’s like the Universe feeds on this frantic energy – so many other aspects of my life have started ramping up and wrapping up. Have I missed some grand cosmic event?


I haven’t been active with my reading or reviews either – books are packed up and my time has been spent arranging aspects of the move.


But the anxiety is sure to be over in the next week as I am about to embark on a massive road trip to a place I’ve now dubbed the ‘Writers Cottage’ – purposely set up for nothing but scribbling out pages of my next W.I.P.


I can’t wait – where Melbourne offered plenty of distraction, the Writers Cottage is isolated and boasts panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast and a natural spring sequestered amongst rainforest at the foot of the property. Initially I was only planning to take short trips for bursts of productivity before returning to the city, but now after a 2 year relationship has ended, it’s quite possible the move will be more permanent, as I now have more ties on the tropical coast than I do to the café strewn metropolis.


Between packing, I dabbled in creating some marketing images for my books: it helps keep me enthusiastic about projects and stay in the head space to jump straight back into writing in a few weeks. So I can’t wait for the new year to start to share my fumbling foray into Photoshop.


This time has also allowed me to plan out writing goals for 2015… it can’t come soon enough. (Settle down girl!)


To all my fellow writing enthusiasts – may the words flow forever freely for 2015.


What are your writing goals? What environment do you write best in?

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