I’ve had yet another reminder this week about not taking life for granted.

Granted Pic 01 by Casey CarlisleMy youngest furbaby, Ben, was rushed to the vet after a distressing night where his whole little body was pounding with an accelerated heartbeat, he was off his food and not his usual huggable self. I couldn’t sleep, I remained by his side the entire night gently stroking his fur distraught that I couldn’t do anything more to ease his suffering.

Even though he wasn’t in any pain, he was clearly uncomfortable. And no-one likes to see an animal stressed.

The local vet was amazing. I was strung out and tired, tears streaming down my face. I’d gone over every inch of Ben’s skin thinking it may be a paralysis tick or snake bite – but came up empty.

Well Ben is now back to his good old self and at home by my feet. He is the most plesant natured little pooch and so well-behaved.  Even the vet commented on his intelligence.

Ben has a big heart – literally. It’s common for small dogs of Ben’s breed to develop heart issues. And thank goodness the vet finally narrowed down the issue and stabilized his condition. Now I get to share more cuddles with my little polar bear. And he loves cuddles!

I remember wishing to the night sky for Ben to be alright. He’s part of my family – and as his proud parent it’s up to me to ensure his safety and comfort. I know I spoil all my dogs, but the unconditional love and support they give me is invaluable, and they deserve to be spoiled. The best of care. I’d been bed ridden for many months recovering from cancer, and these boys kept me calm, kept me smiling.

So I still have my cuddle bunny – wish granted.

Granted Pic 02 by Casey Carlisle

I’ve said before, to live as close as you can to treating each day like it’s your last. It was never so important as it was this week. As devastated as I was at the thought of losing my canine friend, I didn’t have one regret about what we’ve shared. He’s been showered with love, seen most of Australia with me, got to eat marvellous things, sniff so many smells, he’s having a great doggie life. And I intend it to be even more fantastic.

Bless my little companion – and thank you.

Granted Pic 03 by Casey Carlisle

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