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Ticktock by Dean Koontz Book Review by Casey CarlisleOne of my all time favourite reads – and I have re-read this title five times since its purchase back in 1998! It has a lighter tone to Dean Koontz’s regular novels, but don’t get me wrong, there’s still lots of horror, suspense and action – Ticktock is full of satire and dry wit. I got caught many times laughing out loud on the tram, hanging off the lounge, and giggling in my darkened bedroom when I really should be asleep. This is a page turner! Expect to be lifting your feet from the ground in expectation that some creepy crawly is about to reach out of the shadows from under your chair (or bed) to hook claws into your heels.

Our reluctant hero, a Vietnamese American called Tommy Phan becomes the unwitting victim in a supernatural chase. He is emasculated, not to mention infatuated, by a waitress-come-gun toting action star Deliverance (Del) Payne that Tommy crosses paths with. Del doesn’t trample all over her co-star, letting him shine and bumble along, supporting him as best she can. It is a lot like the Get Smart duo of Max and 99… if they were thrown in a horror movie. I especially loved the appearance of Scootie, Del’s dog and his contributions to the conversations by pfft’ing his rubber hotdog. Each of the cast is given opportunity to shine: each to use a unique and surprising survival skill as well as add to witty banter. They are alive, colourful and leap from the page in expertly crafted words.

Ticktock Dean Koontz Casey CarlisleTogether these three manage to destroy Tommy’s house, a corvette, a van several houses and backyards on their path trough the city, packed to the armpits with pistols and shotguns (maybe I exaggerate, but that’s what this book does to you… it is all types of awesome).

Don’t expect this book to make a lot of sense – think ‘Big Trouble in Little China.’ It’s just a fun romp through the streets with a murderous demon thing on your tail! The end result is a thoroughly entertaining story with an unexpected twist that will have you smiling too. Yet another title from Dean Koontz that I can not stop raving about.


Ticktock by Dean Koontz Book Review Rating by Casey Carlisle

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